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Shot Rock: Is this the right product for me?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Shot Rock is one of the most overlooked-natural beautifiers that can be added to almost any landscape or project. It has multiple real-world functions, as well as having the ability to be decorative in its purpose.

Rip Rap, Shot Rock, Armour Rock, Blasted Rock

Shot rock comes in many colors and sizes, and is typically used for purposes of erosion control, soil stabilization, and beautification. Here we placed class 1, and class 2 Rip Rap on 3 tiered slopes leading from the lake side to the house. This prevented erosion of the hillside, while adding a feel of eccentric class to the outdoor living space.

Shot Rock Color and Sizes

Shot Rock comes in colors as bold as solid whites and blacks, to grey with red and green hints, golds, blues, and purples (and more!). They can be absolutely stunning and add a lot of character to any home or commercial space depending on where they are placed. Shot Rock comes in sizes starting around 2" to 3ft and larger.

Erosion Control and Soil Stabilization

Different sizes of course serve different purposes; The larger size is often used for large banks or water frontage areas to keep the land from eroding. They can be used to hold back slopes, or build retaining walls as well. The smaller rock can be seen most notably under the railroad tracks and is often used in ditch

lines to help hold the soil stable when water travels through. Shot Rock has sharp jagged edges which help to lock it into place and immobilize the surface. Fixing erosion issues by lining the banks with shot rock is typically considered a permanent and long-term fix.


Now that we are past need... let's talk wants! Shot rock is awesome. Its bold. It makes a statement and demands respect. It looks playful but isn't something that can be thrown around.

This is where it may not be needed to stabilize anything but can be useful in areas you have water flow on your property, or places you want to accentuate with color, or natural decor.

This is a swale in a backyard, where run off from a neighbor's property had been eroding the soil. We put in a faux creek bed, that gives the water a place to go, while also preventing erosion. Purposeful and pretty!

The dry creek bed was done on a large project and was not part of the customers original idea. Once presented with it, they trusted in us and went for it! After the customers had time to nurture and sit in their new landscape, they reported back that the dry creek bed was they're favorite part- especially when it rained, and they could really see the colors in the rock.

Below is a large, raised planter we built, that doubled as a divider from the street and added immense beauty to the property. Multiple neighbors of this home came by during construction phases to compliment the owner on their choice of landscape. Pairing trees, shrubs and flowers with shot rock can make for the ultimate compliment to one another!

Large rocks are popular to line up at the top of a slope, they can be used to detour travel in specific areas, used decoratively, and have been used to make water fountains or flagpole bases.

Often having 1 larger rock as a statement piece or address display, can be very popular. No two rocks are the same, so your landscape will always be unique, even if you do similar styles as your friends or neighbors. plus- you can pick your large rock yourself!

Adding outdoor lighting can help to

accentuate and spotlight your landscape as well. This home added a light to shine on, and display their address rock on the tier, as well as lights lining the edge of the driveway. Small touches like this added to a beautiful rock landscape can really add a magical feel to your outdoors.

If You want a landscape design that stands out- you want Shot Rock!

Let us know what you think of this product, and if it's something you like- don't like- would use, or not... and why! We would love to help you find the right colors and products for your landscape ideas and goals this summer. We know where all the different products are located, and if we can't find something, we know who to call. Custom orders can be made for specific sizes/colors to match your home and project perfectly.

If you are ready to start chatting ideas about your summer projects, please feel free to call, Facebook message, or text us anytime! There's no better time than now to start finding products, solidifying ideas, and being ready to make the moves when the sun starts shining!

Check out our website for more information and to book a consultation, at

Now quick don't look... you are about to see shot rock everywhere you go!!

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